16 December 2022
Participants of the European Economic Forum Lodzkie 2022 learn about DRAGGING

During the European Economic Forum Lodzkie 2022 our Polish Partner’s representative – Ewa Rogalska – took part in the discussion panel “Social entrepreneurs – (un)ordinary companies on the Łódź market” promoting the Dragging Project goals and current activities.

Thanks to this, we met the participants of our future activities and several organizations declared they are interested in cooperation with us on the project.

You can watch the transmission from the panel here (in Polish only):

Learn more about the Forum:

The invited guests discussed the importance of social entrepreneurship for the Łódź and national economy.

The panel was carried out jointly by:

  • Regional Center for Social Policy in Łódź
  • PCG Poland,
  • Center for Social Economy Support Centrum KLUCZ as part of the Committee for the Development of the Social Economy of the Łódź Voivodeship.