Business ideas marketplace

The marketplace of ideas will have a positive impact on the public and private spheres: It will allow companies to identify and develop business opportunities that respond to the shortcomings of their respective sector. It will allow mentoring centres to have a database of potential business ideas, already analysed and validated by professionals in the sector, and whose elements can be incorporated into their curricula.​

Newsletter 2

  • Identify opportunities and business niches that can be carried out by NGOs (+ entrepreneurs at risk of exclusion).​
  • Identify services, works or goods that can be acquired by the PAs through direct procedures and that are the easiest to request.​
  • Create a marketplace as a digital resource that will help our project to collect all the business ideas identified during this activity and to organise them.​
  • Increase collaboration between the public and private sector: NGOs will create micro-enterprises thanks to the ideas of the PAs and the PAs will receive services from local contractors.​
  • NGOs​
  • Local Public Administrations​
  • Companies or business organisations​
  • Mentoring centres​
  • New entrepreneurs​
  • Experts in field of public tendering​

After definition of selection criteria​, a workshop with local stakeholders​ will be conducted to collect the business ideas. This way stakeholders from each partner country will have a chance to contribute to the development of the marketplace.

Technological development​ of the marketplace online will help disseminate the results to wider groups.