Stakeholders mapping completed and workshops in preparation

During one of our recent regular check-in meetings we discussed our activities around stakeholders’ mapping and reach-out activities inviting different institutions from the project target groups to cooperate with us.

We listed experts, partners and entities from our countries interested in joint works on the Business Ideas Marketplace. Some of them already have some ideas to feed our platform of successful business models.

Now our works will focus on the Business Ideas Marketplace – the second Result of the DRAGGING project. This is an online marketplace where different business ideas and models will be catalogued and shared. The business ideas published on the marketplace will be informed and created through our workshops and interviews with local stakeholders.

During the online meeting we discussed the framework for the workshops to be held and the set of questions we would like to work around with our FGI’s participants. The workshops scenarios will be fine-tuned during our next partnership meeting in Bulgaria.